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b32_156's Journal

Aaron Luke Stampler

"No man, for any considerable period, can wear one"
face to himself and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true.

This is a role play journal. I do not own Edward Norton, nor Primal Fear, the book or the movie. No profit is being made here.

I'm taking Aaron (slightly) AU from the end of the movie. The last five minutes never happened; he is a sick young man with multiple personality disorder, currently institutionalized and receiving psychiatric care. I also use selective facts from the books to fill in his background.
Aaron is nineteen years old, and from Crikside, Kentucky. He is 6'1" and speaks with an Appalachian accent, as well as a stammer. He has graduated high school, and has completed two semesters of college by mail. He has a genius level IQ and an intense fear of mines. The time he lives in is 1983; he has no living family.

He grew up severely impoverished, in a small coal mining town in Appalachia. His father physically abused him, often with his belt, because Aaron would not agree to work in the town's mines. Intensely religious as the community was, the local preacher, Reverend Shackles, repeatedly yelled at Aaron that he was going to hell. At the age of twelve he started having blackouts - periods of amnesia where he lost time and couldn't remember what had happened. He lost his virginity at fourteen to an older teacher of his, Rebecca Kramer, who was his one comfort in a wretched life.

When he was sixteen, he ran away and went to Chicago, alone and literally penniless. He was picked up while begging on the street by Archbishop Rushman, who took him in to the Savior House, a home for adolescents. Aaron became head of the altar boys and the featured soprano in the choir. During this time, he was forced by Bishop Rushman to perform in videotaped sexual acts with his girlfriend Linda and other altar boys. After the camera was turned off, the Archbishop had forcible intercourse with them.

At age nineteen, Aaron Stampler was found clutching a bloody knife, crying in a confessional booth. Upstairs was Bishop Rushman's corpse, gruesomely stabbed seventy-eight times, castrated, eyes gouged out, and the symbol B32.156 written in blood - book code and page number for the Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Thus began Aaron's term in the justice system. He was assigned hotshot defense attorney Martin Vail by the presiding judge, and threatened with the death sentence.

After extensive examination by Dr. Molly Arrington, a neuropsychologist specializing in aberrational behavior, he was concluded to have a schizophrenic, psychopathic alternate personality who refers to himself as Roy. In fact it had been Roy who committed the murder of Bishop Rushman, along with several others Aaron didn't remember, and through some clever strategy and extensive investigation Vail won the case.

Aaron was judged guilty but insane, and sentenced to an asylum until he was found fit to be released.
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